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It can be difficult for a person with a drug or alcohol addiction to even realize or accept that they even have an addiction. Because of this, many people who need it do not even know the options available to them for addiction treatment in Springfield. However, if you are willing and able to gain a better understanding of addiction as well as the many drug and alcohol treatment programs that are available through treatment centers  in Springfield, then you just may be able to get the treatment and care you need to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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What Is Addiction?

Understanding what addiction is and is not is an important step in finding the right programs for your needs. First, an addiction is not a mental deficit or a flaw in a person's character. No matter how "good" a person is or what their background, they can develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Nobody is immune.

Now, it is important to get know what an addiction is. It is a disease that can be medically diagnosed. It has both physical and mental causes and effects. There are biochemical roots to an addiction that take hold because of the chemical reactions that occur between the brain and an addictive substance. However, the reasons that many people begin using and abusing drugs and alcohol are often emotional and mental in nature.

As such, addiction is a disease that affects a person in virtually every way, mental, emotional, and biochemical. This means that in order to overcome such a disease, treatment in Springfield, Illinois is necessary. Drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to address an addiction for the disease that it is, both the physical and mental sides.

Are There Phases/Steps for Addiction Treatment? (i.e. first there's an assessment of the patient, then medical detox, then counseling, etc.)

When you are looking for addiction treatment in Springfield, you may be surprised to know that programs for addiction treatment involve moving through phases or steps. While most drug and alcohol treatment programs have their own unique approach to recovery, all follow a basic sequence of phases that help a person move through addiction treatment in Springfield.

The first step in treatment is a basic patient assessment. The assessment is basically an intake interview for treatment and whether you need medical detox in Springfield or another sort of treatment option. It will include various questions and forms regarding the patient's mental health and well-being, how long they have had their addiction, what led them to seek out treatment, and various other basic questions. The treatment assessment will give the doctors and therapists an idea of what will work best for the recovering addict as they move through the programs.

After this assessment, the recovering addict will move into medical detox in Springfield during treatment in Springfield. In medical detox, the focus will be on dealing with the biochemical addiction that the person has to drugs or alcohol. The recovering addict will no longer be using the substance they are addicted to and their body will be going through the process of relearning how to function without it. Medical detox programs ensure that detox is done safely and that withdrawal symptoms are managed properly.

Once a person is detoxed, the majority of the work can begin. The various drug and alcohol treatment programs allow for a great deal of flexibility and variation in the treatments at this phase of recovery because everybody needs different types and levels of support.

Types of Treatment Available

Programs for addiction treatment vary a great deal in how they address the mental and emotional sides of addiction. There are numerous treatments and therapies that a person can choose from and the majority of programs  in Springfield, IL are customizable. Some people benefit most from traditional therapeutic methods like individual and group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and the like.

On the other hand, some people would prefer a more rounded and varied treatment program that includes options like art therapy and pet therapy. There are also some treatment centers that offer alternative medicine options to help with recovery. Some of these alternative treatments may include yoga, biofeedback, meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, and spiritual therapy. All of these different types of treatment have the same goal in mind, though. That goal is to give the recovering addict the tools and skills they need to avoid relapse and substance abuse in the future.

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